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Meet Our Veterinarians

The skilled veterinarians and veterinary technicians at Pet Vet in Franklin TN always put the wellbeing of our patients first. We truly love animals and want the very best for your pet.

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Dr. Sarah Alexander #1

Dr. Sarah Alexander

University of Tennessee

Dr. John Mays #1

Dr. John Mays

University of Tennessee

Dr. Sarah McKenzie #1

Dr. Sarah McKenzie

University of Tennessee

Dr. Hannah Lanter #1

Dr. Hannah Lanter

University of Missouri

Dr. Heather Bowling #1

Dr. Heather Bowling

Auburn University

Dr. Ginny Greene #1

Dr. Ginny Greene

Kansas State

New Patients Always Welcome

Pet Vet is accepting new patients! Our experienced vets are passionate about improving the health of Franklin's companion animals. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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